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Reporting Europe Prize!

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The Reporting Europe Prize is back and nominations are open! Please nominate the best pieces of EU reporting/journalism via the official website: UACES is looking for an outstanding blogpost, a great newspaper article, or a particularly good radio or TV piece.  New forms of journalism are also highly valued. It is the only independent journalism prize that is exclusively dedicated to journalism about the European Union.






FAQs (that are not covered on the official website):

Why only in English?

It is simply an issue of resources. UACES is financially and organizationally not in a position to do pan-European selection process. If you are a sponsor or an organisation that would like to change this get in touch and we see what can be done.

Why is the award ceremony in London?

UACES is based in London. Although it is a European association its roots are in British academia which explains the UK focus of its work.

Does UACES have a political agenda regarding the EU?

No – it is academic membership association providing services to academics that work in the field of European Studies.

Disclaimer: Yours truly is a member of the UACES committee and  will serve on the jury this year.

Reporting Europe Prize

We bloggers tend to criticise EU media coverage (and with good reasons!). But we should not forget to “honor excellence in reporting on the European Union” and show the rest of the media how to do it properly! You can now nominate outstanding pieces of journalistic work (print, radio, TV, online, blogs,…) to be considered for the 4th Reporting Europe Prize:

If you’ve seen, heard or read an outstanding report on the European Union that deserves wider recognition, then we’d like to hear from you.

The Reporting Europe Prize honours outstanding critical or supportive journalism on any aspect of the European Union.

Nomination deadline: 4th March 2011

Previous winners include Allan Little (BBC) James Kanter(International Herald Tribune) and David Rennie, (The Economist). It is worth noting that David Rennie got the award for his Charlemagne blog/column.  A couple of years ago Nosemonkey was also nominated for an award.  It seems that the jury considers blogs  – so if you remember any outstanding blog post/blogs do not hesitate to nominate a blog!

PS: The author of this post is affiliated with UACES.

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