Last week  Nick Clegg presented his vision for the UK in Europe.  Of course there could have been a bit more ‘vision’ but well…  In an attempt to earn some street cred  and  to appeal to his coalition partner (yes – hard to believe but the LibDems are in government!) he included an anecdote  about “crazy EU rules” in his speech:

“I am all for reducing frivolous and expensive European rules. At the weekend we heard stories about proposals to regulate the shoes and jewellery British hairdressers wear. That kind of thing is clearly too much. Having worked at the heart of the EU, I can certainly give you some more examples. And, more profoundly, we need to refocus the EU, so it does more where it adds value, and less where it doesn’t.”

But this story about hairdressers is another euromyth brought to you by The Sun.  In fact, these  proposals were put forward by hairdressers and salon owners from across Europe – so nothing to do with any EU proposal. Well, this is what happens when you believe EU stories in The Sun. Nick Clegg should know better.