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Kosmolinks #21

  • There is a Free Software Users Group in the European Parliament http://epfsug.eu

Kosmolinks #20: WikiLeaks

Kosmolinks returns with a selection of the best wikileaks/cablegate articles/links. (see my initial reaction on cablegate/wikileaks here and some links to Julian Assange’s writings here). The in aim in this post is not to provide an overview about the mainstream media coverage  but to highlight a few interesting articles and links that I found helpful in thinking about wikileaks.

Memex 1.1 » What the attacks on WikiLeaks tell us.

Wikileaks, Now « zunguzungu

WL Central- An unofficial WikiLeaks information resource

Reporters Sans Frontières – Wikileaks hounded?

A list of Wikileaks Mirrors and a guide how to support Mass Mirroring

Raffi Khatchadourian: No Secrets Julian Assange’s mission for total transparency (The New Yorker)

Like It or Not, WikiLeaks is a Media Entity (gigaom.com)

The Weakest Link: What Wikileaks Has Taught Us About the Open Internet | an/archivista

Glenn Greenwald – Salon.com

Kontrapunkt: Schafft zwei, drei, viele Wikileaks! – Meinung – Tagesspiegel

List of people who have criminalised Julian Assange

PdFLeaks: Carne Ross on the Diplomacy Before and After Wikileaks | techPresident

PdF Presents: A Symposium on Wikileaks and Internet Freedom | Personal Democracy Forum

From Wikileaks to OpenLeaks, Via the Knight News Challenge | techPresident

Richard Stallman Kettling Wikileaks | DefectiveByDesign.org

WikiLeaks has created a new media landscape | Clay Shirky | Comment is free | The Guardian.

The age of the WikiLeaks-style vigilante geek is over | Evgeny Morozov | The Guardian.

[FYI: This linkroll will be updated regularly – so if you are interested in the topic make sure to check back from time to time. ]

Some Kosmopolito housekeeping

OK, the polls for Best European Blog (Non UK) closed with a suboptimal result for this blog. 😉 However, without much campaigning and without any proper blogging during the voting process this is not a big surprise. Due to their innovative format of online democracy which allowed multiple voting, this competition clearly favours blogs with a fanbase and a large readership… and we are not particularly strong in any of these areas 😉 Obviously, there is a discussion on exactly those issues (+ the “quality question”) on various blogs out there, one good article can be found here.

Anyway it was fun, and I would like to welcome the new readers that found this blog through the competition. I hope you will enjoy reading our little blog. I also would like to thank everyone who voted for us and I also want to thank the blogs that endorsed Kosmopolito during the competition: here, here, here, here, here. Thanks a lot!

I suggest that next year the organisers should rethink the categories. “Best European Blog” should not be a category for different national blogs but for blogs with a European perspective since a few other EU blogs were competing in other categories. Moreover, the category also featured a very diverse bunch of blogs, from culture and food to politics and photos … Moreover, I still think the UK is part of Europe so the name of the category with the focus on “European but Non-UK” is quite baffling. Why does the UK have an own category but Germany, France and Italy not? Is it because of the US focus of the weblogawards?

Another new toy I have discovered is twitter. So feel free to follow my musings here. I think the tool has potential for politics, journalism and public debate, although regarding EU issues twitter seems not to be mainstream yet…

I am also looking for a good tool to track comments on different blog posts. What tools do you use to keep updated with discussions and comment threads? Feel free to share your strategies and suggestions in the comments!

Some readers might be wondering what happened to the Kosmolinks. Problem is that diigo is not supporting self hosted blogs (?) and I am still looking for a tool that publishes weekly (and not daily!) linkrolls. Again, please share your suggestions in the comments.

And here is a “happy new year” link treat for you: The quite hard to find EU calendar and searcheuropa, a search engine for the europa.eu page.

Kosmolinks #5

Richard Corbett (MEP) complains about the depressing state of the press in the UK when it comes to EU topics.

Last week we heard two supposedly important EU speeches by Nicolas Sarkozy and David Miliband. Both speeches were rather uninspired and aimed at a home constituency in my opinion. The only interesting fact was that, before David Miliband said ‘no’ to a European superpower, apparently he had to water down his speech.

The anticipated unilateral declaration of independence in Kosovo is coming closer, so is it the beginning of the end for the Kosovo question? asks WSI Brussels Blog.

What are the consequences of the OSCE decision not to monitor the upcoming Russian parliamentary elections? – Crooked Timber – Russian election watch.

I recently discovered “The List Archive of Foreign Policy”! Check it out if you want to know who are the ‘Most Eligible World Leaders‘ or the longest serving ‘Presidents for Life.

Somehow that brings us to the best conspiracy theories, a very amusing overview at bookforum.com.

And last but not least: The Berlaymonster reports about EU plans to harmonise conference organisation. Definitely, a milestone! 😉

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Kosmolinks #4

Italy and immigration – Disharmony and tension – “The recent hysteria over Romanian immigrants says much about Italy and the fragile state of its politics” says The Economist.

Back to the people at TOL Romania It would all be about Nov 25 in Romanian politics if the “Italian hysteria” had not been dominating the political debate in Romania. Anyway, elections for the European Parliament as well as a much debated referendum will be held on the same day – but apparently in different polling stations.

Belgium crisis: Does the tradition of compromise losing its force in Belgium asks the International Herald Tribune. Is it time to say Bye bye Belgium? (which by the way is a nice article, but the author forgets to mention the fact that the “BHV problem” also goes back to a ruling of the constitutional court…)

Colorado Springs and the Politics of Conformity | TPMCafe The phenomenon of political “group-think” and how it relates to the Internet. Is it the same in the “Euroblogosphere”?

Sarkozy and the EU – His image as a reformer is only an image and that is why Europe should be wary of France’s reformist president.

The surprise of vice-chancellor Müntefering’s resignation in Germany: Merkel loses ‘Mr. Grand Coalition’ Is that the beginning of the end of Merkel’s coalition government?

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Kosmolinks #3

Russia’s past – The rewriting of history | Economist.com Regular readers of this blog might remember my blog post with almost the same title and similar content (I wonder if the Economist journalists read blogs for inspiration? 😉 )

Guardian Abroad: Slow seduction in Belgium After all, living as an xpat in Brussels is apparently not that bad… I am still not at that point though!

Balkan nations put cultural stars on a pedestal What does it mean to erect statues of Rocky Balboa, Bruce Lee and Tarzan?

New scenarios to keep Putin in power: de facto “National Leader” or back in the Kremlin?

Is Russia Becoming Our Enemy Again? A debate about a “new cold war”, also as a mp3 file!

And: good news for Eastern Europe: Big bang enlargement for Schengen zone agreed

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Kosmolinks #2

CER: Sarkonomics – a user’s guide
Sarkozy an economic liberal? well…not exactly!

Gulf Stream Blues: Sarko Fever: Catch It!
Different perceptions about Sarkozy’s visit to the US.

Is that the beginning of the end of Belgium as we know it? Belgian crisis deepens after collapse of coalition talks; or more drastically – Belgian Crisis: The Country May Have Died Today, wheras ‘European Democracy’ thinks that the crisis is ” part of the political game

European Council on Foreign Relations | A ‘Power Audit’ of EU 27-Russia relations
“EU member states tend to ‘Europeanise’ their disputes with Russia while they bilateralise their ‘sweet deals.” – New publication of the new think tank.

Unintended Consequences | afoe
Is the ITS group in the European Parliament history?

Charlemagne | Post-enlargement stress | Economist.com
What about further EU enlargement?

ISN Security Watch – Spinning the Kremlin
Some interesting insights about “rebranding Russia”.

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Kosmolinks #1

Welcome back (once again…) and welcome to the first issue of “Kosmolinks”, a brand new (well, rather re-labelled) linkroll that aims at bringing you some stories that are worth a read! Hope you find it interesting. (And I hope I get back in a blogging mood ;-))

Romania’s Draft Foreign Policy “Strategy”: Does it really provide a Coherent Action Plan for Romania’s Diplomacy?

Apathy undermines national parliaments’ EU power

Charlemagne | Britain’s costly disdain | Economist.com

German Foreign Office comes out in favor of Open Document Format

Transatlantic Politics: Corruption: a minister for sausages and brandy

Rethinking Governance to Fight Corruption

Edward Lucas: Moldova latest

5 Myths About Sick Old Europe

Blogactiv.eu – Europeans challenge Europe

I hope normal blogging resumes soon! 😉

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