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What diplomats say and what they mean – Diplomatic terminology for dummies

Everything you need to know about diplomacy. I just found a hilarious one pager on “Terms used in multilateral negotiations and what they usually mean” – In fact I found it in my cupboard in a file that is 5-6 years old. After some googeling I found a very similar version in a 2009 book called “The Weak Send Rocks, The Strong Send Rockets (affiliate – link)” – although this is not the original source I have embedded the chapter below (which according to the author is “unprotected from copyright”). If you work in EU politics or indeed any diplomatic environment you will recognise most of the terms… and you might even agree with the various “explanations”… Continue reading

The Union of Subsidized Farmers

OK it is a couple of months old but I have not seen it yet… ArtWerks perception of Europe and the neighborhood in January 2009. (via €urowonk) Actually quite interesting how some issues disappear within a couple of months or does anyone still remember the Turkey/Youtube problem?  Iceland would certainly associated with something else than Björk after its economy basically collapsed… Other issues do not seem to change… (CAP, Russia, …)


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