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Euroblogs on EuroparlTV

Just found this video on Julien Frisch‘s blog. The interesting bit (at least for your humble blogger) starts at 16:50:

One year Bloggingportal.eu

Happy birthday to bloggingportal.eu! We are celebrating 1 year of Bloggingportal.eu! Last January we launched the page and it has been a great first year. More than 500 euroblogs, 25 editors and thousands of visitors! Thanks for all your support and help! Do continue to spread the word – and feel free to give us your feedback!

To mark this anniversary the European Journalism Centre (EJC) published a nice article about the project. In a way we reached the aim there:  Bloggingportal.eu as a “featured resource” for journalists all over Europe 😉

Don’t forget to stay updated with bloggingportal.eu issues:  You can become a fan of bloggingportal on facebook and you can follow us on twitter! If you are a twitter addict you might want to check out our editors choice on twitter!

We are also looking for new editors and volunteers that would like to get involved. Just write us an email and we will get back to you!

Europa im Netz

Einer der ersten Artikel über “uns euroblogger” in einer traditionellen überregionalen Zeitung (oder ist das etwa der erste ueberhaupt?), und dann auch noch ausgerechnet in der Schweiz –  einem nicht EU-Mitglied! Es würde mich natürlich interessieren ob es den Artikel auch in gedruckter Form gibt…?

Im Tagesanzeiger schreibt Tobias Moorstedt über die europäische politische Netzdebatte, mit vielen alten Bekannten wie zum Beispiel: Linkfluence, Bloggingportal.eu, Jon Worth, Cafe Babel, Eurotopics, Perlentaucher, La Quadrature du Net Aber auch inhaltlich auf den Punkt gebracht und sehr lesenswert:

Im Netz findet Europa noch nicht statt

Ideas on Europe – EU Blogging goes academic

A couple of months ago I had the idea of writing a blog post on why academics do not blog on EU politics. Somehow, due to time constraints, the idea never made it into a proper blog post. Suddenly the topic became interesting again as I found out about “Ideas on Europe”, a new EU blog platform that will be launched later this year with an academic focus:

Ideas on Europe aims to invigorate current discussion on Europe by providing an impartial, unbiased online platform where individuals can engage in informed analysis, comment, dialogue and debate.


The organisation behind the projects is the University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES) a membership organisation with “over 1300 academics, practitioners and research students”. The aim is to get UACES members to contribute to the new platform.  At the moment the new page (beta!) is pretty basic and not much content can be found (except a post by nosemonkey), they are in the process of recruiting bloggers  (or better: motivating academics!) to open a blog on Ideas on Europe. So if you are interested, you can apply here.

In my opinion, the idea behind Ideas on Europe is quite good: Providing the (missing) link between academics working on EU topics and the public. However, working in (EU-) academia myself it could be quite difficult to get scholars to blog and read blogs regularly.

First obstacle: Among academics the knowledge of blogs and web 2.0 is not as widespread as one would assume. (= not worth trying)

Second obstacle: Blogs (not EU blogs – nobody knows them!) are often regarded as second class media. (= not worth reading)

Third obstacle is a sentence you will hear a lot in universities: “I only publish in peer reviewed journals – only this is useful for my academic career.” (= not useful)

It is really necessary to address these three (possibly more) obstacles in order to get an academic audience.  I hope UACES will also  manage to motivate enough scholars to blog regularly about their research (in a readable style!). Only if they manage to get a critical amount of (new) bloggers and a (new) audience the platform will be successful. Another danger is  academics who will only post the abstracts of their journal articles on the platform (or even the whole article…).  Publishing posts with ”call for papers’ and ‘conference announcements’ will also not do the trick…

As a bloggingportal editor (and a feedreader addict!) I hope cross-posting bloggers will be in the minority. (so, UACES please check babelblogs and blogactiv before admitting bloggers!).

Think about it! – The European Blogging Competition 2009

Are you interested in getting into the EU blogging scene? Would you like to write journalistic pieces on the European elections next year? Maybe you even want to become a EU blogger? In any case: if you want to share your thoughts on the EU and the upcoming European elections in an online environment you should read on!

Think about it! – The (first!) European Blogging Competition 2009 is a new blogging competition (some nice gadgets up for grabs) organised by the European Journalism Centre! The competition will start in February and will last until the EP elections. The exciting thing is that there will be a training component for all participants (after all it is run by a professional journalism organisation;-) You do not necessarily be a journalist or blogger, however you should be interested in EU affairs and the EP elections and you should feel enthusiastic about tryinig out blogging for a few months! If that sounds like a good idea to you can join the official facebook group and you can sign up here:

A dynamic community of bloggers, journalists and journalism students, a forum alive with debate and discussion, a creative portal to inspire youth involvement with the 2009 Parliamentary Elections, brought to you by the European Journalism Centre (EJC).

The goal is to get Europeans to THINK ABOUT IT and to express their views on Europe through an online blogging competition. The invited bloggers will cover, report, critique and debate on campaign issues and candidates. EJC editors will give feedback on the journalistic standards of the blog posts.

The EJC invites three bloggers from each EU member state for a two-day THINK ABOUT IT launch event in Brussels 25-27.1.2009. At the kick-off invitees are briefed on the European blogsphere, European Parliament, elections and on understanding the EU from a journalist’s perspective. The event also launches the blog contest, which invitees participate in throughout the official campaign season.

For more information just click here. Some fancy banners for your website/blog in various sizes can be found here.

Disclaimer: The author of this blog has been involved in the development of the project.

Now online: The official Kosmopolit Universe

Finally, I own a whole universe (at least virtually)!


Check it out! I haven’t really decided what to do with it, so maybe it is a good idea to check the ‘universe’ in a few days again! I already have some ideas, so stay tuned! Originally I wanted to post my blogroll in one of the tabs but somehow it was not working…

At the moment you find everything you need to know about Kosmopolit (blogposts, comments, links, videos,…) as well as a small selection of Euroblogs.

Update 25/01/08: My universe is experiencing some turbulences, somehow it must have disappeared in a wormhole… hope it is coming back soon!

Update 26/01/08: The “forbidden universe” is still there…. hope the netvibes team is able to solve it soon…

Update 27/01/08: Still not working…. 🙁

Update 28/01/08: It is up and running!!! Thank you, netvibes!

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