OK, the polls for Best European Blog (Non UK) closed with a suboptimal result for this blog. 😉 However, without much campaigning and without any proper blogging during the voting process this is not a big surprise. Due to their innovative format of online democracy which allowed multiple voting, this competition clearly favours blogs with a fanbase and a large readership… and we are not particularly strong in any of these areas 😉 Obviously, there is a discussion on exactly those issues (+ the “quality question”) on various blogs out there, one good article can be found here.

Anyway it was fun, and I would like to welcome the new readers that found this blog through the competition. I hope you will enjoy reading our little blog. I also would like to thank everyone who voted for us and I also want to thank the blogs that endorsed Kosmopolito during the competition: here, here, here, here, here. Thanks a lot!

I suggest that next year the organisers should rethink the categories. “Best European Blog” should not be a category for different national blogs but for blogs with a European perspective since a few other EU blogs were competing in other categories. Moreover, the category also featured a very diverse bunch of blogs, from culture and food to politics and photos … Moreover, I still think the UK is part of Europe so the name of the category with the focus on “European but Non-UK” is quite baffling. Why does the UK have an own category but Germany, France and Italy not? Is it because of the US focus of the weblogawards?

Another new toy I have discovered is twitter. So feel free to follow my musings here. I think the tool has potential for politics, journalism and public debate, although regarding EU issues twitter seems not to be mainstream yet…

I am also looking for a good tool to track comments on different blog posts. What tools do you use to keep updated with discussions and comment threads? Feel free to share your strategies and suggestions in the comments!

Some readers might be wondering what happened to the Kosmolinks. Problem is that diigo is not supporting self hosted blogs (?) and I am still looking for a tool that publishes weekly (and not daily!) linkrolls. Again, please share your suggestions in the comments.

And here is a “happy new year” link treat for you: The quite hard to find EU calendar and searcheuropa, a search engine for the europa.eu page.