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OpenLeaks online

The OpenLeaks website is finally online! (Not a huge surprise after the “leaks” a couple of days ago) There is also a “draft video”:

OpenLeaks 101 from openleaks on Vimeo.

OpenLeaks leaks

And the story of OpenLeaks begins… with a leak of the website content. You could not make it up. Probably the website will go live rather soon. Anyway,  check it out if you can’t wait anymore. It is a good summary of what openleaks is about, what it intends to do and how it differs from wikileaks.

Update: Technically it is not a leak at all as the content is freely available on the OpenLeaks server, it is not password protected and not linked to the main page (the link is also provided in the pdf file) (via netzpolitik)

If you want to read more about openleaks also have a look at this  interesting interview with Daniel Domscheit-Berg over  at techpresident. Daniel also gave a presentation on openleaks at  27C3 in December 2010:

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