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Paul Dacre received EU farm subsidies

That’s a nice story: Paul Dacre, the infamous editor of the Daily Mail, received  generous EU subsidies for his estate in Scotland. (hat tip: Zelo Street)

For those of you who don’t know Paul Dacre: Some have described him as ‘the man who hates liberal Britain‘ and called his newspaper, the Daily Mail,  ‘the newspaper that rules Britain’. One of his side projects is to run/invent anti-EU stories. Over the years a large number of euromyths and fabricated anti-EU stories originated in the Daily Mail. Unfortunately, the Daily Mail is the most read newspaper in the UK and played an important role in creating the toxic, uninformed eurosceptic discourse in the UK. Especially the campaign-style journalism of the Daily Mail which is based on myths, half-truths and the absence of facts is an example what’s wrong in British journalism. (also interesting in this context: Alastair Campbell’s submission to the Leveson enquiry)

Understanding British EU journalism

This sums it up.

(thanks to Mary Honeyball for publishing the letter!)

The Daily Mail Song

Quotes of the week (IV)

Poul Nyrup Rasmussen:

In 2004 Barroso was a compromise candidate, in 2009 he is a compromised candidate.

Daily Mail’s Chief Leader Writer

We couldn’t report on what is going on in Europe, and no paper can because the readers won’t wear it. It is simply not conceivable that we would cover, for example, the European Parliament.

Martin Wolf (FT)

The UK has a strategic nightmare: it has a strong comparative advantage in the world’s most irresponsible industry.

Stefan Kornelius

Europa ist eine Zumutung, die man sich zu-muten muss.

Daniel W. Drezner

Many social scientists focus on the myriad structural reasons why things are the way they are.  Policymakers believe they can help shape the way things are.  The last thing they often want to hear is why their ideas won’t work.  And while scholars can often explain why an idea won’t work, they are often at a loss to offer a superior, politically viable alternative.

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