Ideas on Europe is the blogging platform of UACES, a traditional academic association in the field of European Studies with a membership of around 1000 academics. As some of you already know I started working with them on issues regarding online/media strategy which also includes Ideas on Europe.

We just launched some sort of editorial blog called “The Ideas on Europe Blog” (yes that is a very creative name ;-). The main aim of this blog is to discuss how blogs and social media can be used by academics and researchers that work in European studies. The first blog post deals with ‘blogs as a teaching tool‘, however, more will follow soon. We also ‘relaunched’  the ideasoneurope twitter feed – so make sure you follow us @ideasoneurope.

Ideas on Europe is a collaborative website – and so is the editorial blog. If you have any suggestions or requests what kind of topics you would like us to write about – just get in touch with us. Moreover, we are always happy to discuss guest blog posts – for example if you are a blogging researcher/PhD student and you want to share your experiences regarding academic blogging, let us know.

Just a reminder that Ideas on Europe is a group blog for researchers dealing with Europe and/or the European Union. So if you would like to create a blog at just sign up here!