I am a EU analyst, a (sporadic) blogger and I tweet as @kosmopolit about EU affairs and media/journalism. I also help organising EU tweetups, I am the founder of policylab.eu and the editor of a regular newsletter on EU politics: the european interest (and a German version at kontext europa) My German articles/rants/blog posts are published in the “zwischen|texte” newsletter.

I am Brussels-based and work for the European Institute of Peace. Before moving to Brussels I lived in London where I was the comms coordinator at ECFR, a foreign policy think tank. Over the years I also  worked as a consultant and editor in the “eurobubble”: I  got involved in various tech and journalism projects and I have a track record in researching /teaching EU politics. I regularly speak on issues  linked to EU politics –  from the development of a EU public sphere, new trends in EU journalism to more institutional and political topics. As a trainer I teach people how to use social media in a Brussels public affairs context.  I also worked in the philanthropy sector, I lived in Romania and did a ‘stage’ in the Commission.

As you probably know, I am also one of the founders of  bloggingportal.eu (on hiatus, possibly ahead of its time when it launched back in 2009 – click here for some screenshots) and I served as a trustee at UACES. I also write for other projects and magazines (see for example our #ephearings2014 project, #howto guides for academics – from writing to podcasting  – and the occasional piece for Carta or esharp. I also wrote this longish public engagement/comms toolbox for academics)

If you like to discuss new projects/opportunities/ideas with me, let’s meet for a coffee/beer. Here are my contact details – or find me on twitter.

I am also available to speak at conferences about EU topics or run (social) media trainings / facilitate workshops. If you ask nicely I might even write an article for you (in English or German). I would also consider volunteering opportunities (for example as a trustee, advisor, member of a prize jury… just to give you some ideas).

And yes, I am also available for interviews and other media requests.  So if you need a quick soundbite from an ‘independent EU policy analyst’ or ‘EU blogger’ etc.  – do get in touch! Or just come to the next ‘EU tweetup‘ and say hello!