EU wins the Nobel Peace Prize 2012.(kudos to Norwegian state broadcaster for the scoop a few hours before the announcement)

Do we now need an extraordinary European Council to decide who is going to pick up the prize? (My bet is on van Rompuy – I hope for a speech made up entirely of haikus) but also a joint speech by the three president (mayhe based on QMV could also be a possibility. 😉

Next question is what to do with the money? Not enough for any bailout so it might be added to some EU democracy fund, the peace institute – or will it simply be added to the budget to save Erasmus? (Or they just could give it to bloggingportal 😉

At the moment I am in Zagreb at a conference organised by the European Fund for the Balkans – interesting environment in this contex. After all the Balkans were a major foreign policy failure of Europe in the 1990s – and now EU enlargement seems to be transforming the region…