Nobody cares about Parliaments

Interesting research findings:

In 2006:  “…the public are usually in the dark as to how [the EP] works and what legislation actually means to their lives. [Brussels], the world of politics and [the EP], remain a closed book to many. The result is a lack of interest, a lack of engagement in [the] politics […] and low turnout at elections.”

In 2011:  “The majority of respondents know little or nothing about [EP] but over half would like to know more. Of those who do wish to know more, the primary reason is because they are interested in an issue.”

Sounds about right, doesn’t it? Only that these quotes  are not about the EU or the EP at all –  in fact they summarise the public’s attitudes to another Parliament – fo find out which one click here for the 2006 report and here for the 2011 report.

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  1. People are not interested in the EP and the EU Commission as it is a maze of complexities; 3 presidents and thousands of bureaucrats churning out meaningless directives on health and safety and mountains of red tape to suffocate enterprise and innovation.

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