Horror at the the polling station

The first video (out of a series of 3 I guess) of a online viral video campaign was just launched by the European Parliament in order to promote the European parliament elections. It seems to be a trend for international organisations:  First. the numerous EUtube experiments by the European Commission, then the attempt by NATO a couple of weeks ago and now the European Parliament.

Is it any good? Judge for yourself. If you like black humour give it a try! I think it is funny in a odd way but since it is quite annoying to listen to the screams I would not watch it again despite the rather funny ending. And of course somebody will start the debate whether there is a deeper meaning of “death” regarding the EU or how “scary” the EU really is…

The Teaser

Part 1/3

“Voting is for everyone. So if you’re running a polling station, just stay cool and make it happen.”

Update: The first remix video is already online. Watch it here.

Update: Part 2/3

Update: Part 3/3


  1. Via @Kosmopolit Horror at the polling station http://is.gd/xswA #eu #ep09

  2. By @spiller2 Via @Kosmopolit Horror at the polling station http://is.gd/xswA #eu #-ep09

  3. Please take a survey about EU and its future. It will require about 5 minutes to finish the poll. More votes from more countries allow me to make more objective conclusions.


    Thank you in advance.

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