Moldova: “Revolution, here we come!” (part 2)

Written by Guest blogger Dorina (in Chisinau/Moldova). Read the first part of her story here. NEW: part 3 and part 4

The population in Chisinau, the capital of Republic of Moldova doesn’t recognize the results of the elections  in which the communists won. They believe the elections were rigged.
The protest continued today, April 7, from 10 AM and the youth are not willing to give up. People were coming to the National Square mainly with the same cheers as yesterday, but today the crowd was counting around 50,000 people. At some point, the crowd split in 2 – one part stayed in the National Square in front of the Government and the other part went to the Presidency and the Parliament. Around 11 AM, the only radio that could be accessed (“Vocea Basarabiei” ) was transmitting news from the the events  and it was constantly informing about the turn of the events.

The youth was peacefully protesting in front of the police and did not bolster to violent acts. It was at 11.05 AM, that the reporter was informing that Petru Corduneanu, the police commissioner, had hit a young man and tried to block the journalists. It was only later, after the police forces tried to intimidate the protesters that they started throwing rocks at them  screaming “We are not leaving!” Talking to some of the protesters from the first lines I found out that the armed forces “Scut” formed a human line from the Parliament to the Presidency (both of the buildings are situated on the Stefan cel Mare boulevard and are facing one another) and were intimidating the protesters by advancing on to them and beating with their bats in the bucklers. At first the crowds were in retreat. One person told me that at some point, when the police was approaching, the protesting girl next to him accidentally fell down and the policemen started beating her with their bats and some boys defeated her and got her back into the crowd. This was the hot moment when the first line of protesters sat down on the stairs in front of the Presidency screaming “We are not leaving!”, “Whom are you defending?” The “Scut” forces kept on advancing and this is when the protesters from the standing crowd started throwing rocks at them. Now, the crowd started advancing…

After this point it is difficult to describe what was happening, one has actually have to be there and live it. Parts of the action can be viewed here:

In the background of this video you can hear the crowd screaming “Thieves!”, “Demission!”, “Down with the communists!”

Here the crowd screams “One-two, communists to the garbage!”, “Shame on you!”, “Down with the communists!”

It was after this altercations that people in the offices that were trying to access different online media sources had really slow connection or could not access the web pages at all. Later on we understood that internet connections were down, local television did not broadcast and the national public television was broadcasting relaxation shows. Also, after 11.30 AM we could not reach protesters from the Square via their cell phones.

It was 1 PM when the windows of the Presidency building were all broken; up to the 3d floor and protesters were trying to enter the building, on the other side of the street the protesters were destroying the windows of the Parliament and one could see smoke coming out from inside the building. Now the protesters were screaming “Revolution”, “We are not giving up!”, “Down with communism!” and one could tell that they were not willing to give up.

It was during my lunch break that I was observing how the youth fought the jets of water coming from both – the Parliament and the Presidency and they clapped and laughed and cheered when the police special forces on barricades in both buildings ran out of water resources. This was the moment when the crowd got the feeling of wining over the police forces in front of the Presidency and they offered to them to get out of the building, the protesters even formed a free pass so that they could freely go out.

At this point, just across the street we heard a strong noise as if something exploded. From the building of the Parliament, the police forces were throwing some sort of devices that made a shattering noise and sprayed tear gas on the protesters which made it difficult for them to breathe and tears would come out of their eyes. Several of them got injured (later on this evening I saw an interview with one of the protester saying that at first he had no clue what has happened as after the big “BANG” he could not clearly hear and afterward someone told him to look at his legs. Apparently the device fell right next to him, torn his jeans apart and his legs from the knees down were in blood. The young man said that at first he could not feel pain and could not understand what was going on due to the noise in his head).

A second “bang” was heard and the protesters in front of the Parliament started running away. Around a minute later when the crowd understood that no one was shooting at them and it was no grenade, they  slowly came back while the crowd in front of the Presidency was supporting them shouting “Come back!”, “Don’t give up!” The protesters came back and it was only several hours later that we could hear those “Bangs!” already familiar to the crowd that did not scare them at all.
Standing next to the broken windows and by the broken door of the Presidency the crowd was shouting “You also have kids!”, “Don’t steal our future!”. Even through some of the police forces went out through the formed corridor, most of them stepped out through some back door in the Presidency and the protesters invaded the building, getting out furniture, equipment, documents, reports and burning them.

For a photo stream from the spot, please visit the Unimedia.

To be continued…

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